Group Title Label
1992 Brian Keane  Common Planet Manhattan/Blue Note
Stephen Cullo Time Signature 4 Time Signature
1994 Jay Rowe A Dream I Had Jay Rowe Prodctns.
1995 Ken Gioffre Golden Saxophone of Ken Gioffre Golden String
PPI Entertainment Winter’s Cool Peter Pan
1996 Billy Fellows One Day Each Year Billy Fellows
  Blue Law Gonna Getcha Griffin Music
1997 Aftertouch Where You Belong Denon
John Favicchia World Time Fav Music
1998 T-Bone Don’t Look Back Ratamacue
Clark Eno Orchestra King of Swing BMG / Push
Cool Bop Phonics Cool Bop Phonics In a Real House Prod.
Ken Volpe Sea Glass KJV Music
Kate Sanderson Kate Sanderson Kate Sanderson
1999 Steve Clark Kickin’ It Hip-N-Bop
Sean Fitzpatrick Beach 88th Street Sean Fitzpatrick
2000 Doug Munro Blueness Chase Music Group
James Walker Rhyme or Reason James Walker
  Ken Gioffre Tiger On A Leash May Eighteen Music
2001 Stever Clark Sweet Surroundings Hip-N-Bop
  Rick Knutsen Seraglio Sound Track Academy Award nominated Film
2002 Ivory Stone Hero of Heroes Corner Stone
2003 Film Score The Technical Writer Sundance Film Fest.
2005 Last Holiday
(Queen Latifa, Smokey Robinson)
Movie Soundtrack Universal Records
2005 Roger Ball Child's Play
(Featuring Randy Brecker & ken Gioffre)
2006 Smokey Robinson Timeless Love Universal Records